Why Team Vic?

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Someone asked me recently why I provide so much information about fitness training and sports nutrition without any cost to the reader. 

 The fact is I am very passionate and internally motivated to direct people away from bogus trainers and training systems that prey on the ignorance and desperation of aspiring beginner and advanced athletes. There are so many “trainers” and “diet gurus’ with no accredited education who make a living providing information and advice that has absolutely no scientific basis. I’ve seen it for years and quite frankly, I am SICK OF IT!  Not only is it anecdotal gym hearsay, it’s also dangerous to the athlete’s health and detrimental to performance. I will dispel the myths and misinformation surrounding exercise, nutrition and fitness training and give every aspiring fitness competitor, bodybuilder or recreational athlete a clear and simple path to achieving a better body and better performance. One of the goals of Team Vic is to separate information that has no scientific rationale or support from valid and established concepts and applications. Secondly, I want to provide an unbiased interpretation of the scientific research as well as intuitive reasoning in order to help athletes develop an effective and efficient training protocol that maximizes the potential to gain lean muscle, lose body fat or improve athletic performance. By translating relevant, evidence-based research, I aim to help each athlete make informed decisions and transfer this information into “real-world” training settings in order to most effectively and efficiently reach their goals throughout different stages of their development.  I look forward to providing the best and most relevant information available so all athletes and fitness enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of exercise and reach their full potential safely and effectively. I encourage you to read and keep up to date with the Team Vic posts so you can use this information to your benefit.  

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